October 2010

Not one of our pets

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but never got around to it.

The spider, seen below, is not one of our pets. Admittedly, he was inside and he was hanging off of our archway, and he was large enough to count as a pet. But, unfortunately, we decided we didn’t really need another pet. And we didn’t want him frightening the cats.

Spider Spider

We took him outside. Maybe that was cruel. It was warmer inside. I’m sorry, spider, but I didn’t really want to adopt you.


Seen on the Maple City Walk

Seen on the Maple City Walk (in no particular order)

  1. Many happy walkers talking amiably with one another. Someone said that there were 170 walkers.
  2. A few runners who did not look quite so happy at the midway point. They looked more like they were in pain.
  3. Mist covering the trail at CR 31.
  4. A paceline of bicycle riders.
  5. A couple out riding bicycles with their dog, a collie, who was sitting smartly in the doggie trailer being pulled by one of the bicyclists. The collie looked very happy.
  6. A couple who walked the entire route and then some with their very small, very short-legged, terrier like dogs. Even though the dogs had walked over 13 miles, they still looked happy.
  7. A couple who was walking the route holding hands.
  8. A number of squashed beetles on the paved trail. I hope the squashing was unintentional.
  9. A little chipmunk who ran across the trail and dove into his little chipmunk hole, and then proceeded to turn around and peer out, with only his little nose showing.
  10. Several fuzzy caterpillers. I petted one.